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xiaomi drone reviewThe Xiaomi MI drone 4k is well known for its unique features and technology. The drone comes in a beautiful white package on the outside and amazing features on the inside.

The drone is cheaper and more effective than the other drones in the market because of its high-resolution video support, automatic GPS and compass sensors.

This is a powerful drone and here are some Xiaomi MI drone reviews and tests for helping you to know more about it.


Xiaomi Mi Drone Unboxing

xiaomi mi drone unboxingThere are two boxes of the Xiaomi MI Drone. The 4k camera is in a separate box, and the drone is in another box with the controller. The propellers, protectors, the power cords, the power adapter, and the parts to fit in the drone are in the same box with the controller and the drone.

There is a screwdriver for fitting the parts with an instruction manual. For safer landing, the Xiaomi mi drone has 2 landing legs which are to be assembled before taking the first flight. It also has one 5100mAh battery. The Xiaomi MI Drone 4K comes in the white package with all these above-mentioned parts. The 4k camera goes at the bottom of the drone which enhances the 360-degree view.


Xiaomi Mi Drone Design

Xiaomi Mi Drone Protection RingThe Xiaomi drone has 4 propeller blades with detachable shields or protectors. The modular system automatic landing and taking off take cares of landing and taking off. The body of the drone uses 1.2mm width and is only 670 grams which make it flexible and lightweight.

The built-in GPS and indoor tracking with the detachable camera make the design unique and efficient from other quadcopters. The 4k camera supports transmission up to 1 to 4 km’s of distance because of TDMA technology.

The Xiaomi mi drone is stylish with an impressive battery lifetime. The 5100mAh battery allows 26 non-stop minutes of flight.

The remote controller gives the widest range and has two useful rockers for the movement of the drone. It controls the acceleration, left, right, backward movement.

The remote controller has a power on button which activates the Mi drone and it has a turn on the automatic landing and automatic take-off button.

The orange switch is used to bring the drone back home. The sensors use GPS tracking for following the user and returns home easily without any instructions. However, the Xiaomi drone can be accessed anytime while on automatic return to the user.

The remote controller has also built in micro USB charger to charge the built-in battery. It also has a normal USB which can be used to tether the images to the mobile phone. The expandable phone holder of the remote controller can be used to hold the phone without facing any difficult in the process of tethering the images from the camera. There are two more buttons at the back which helps in taking photos and start, stop recording respectively.

xiaomi mi drone remote controller hold the phone


Xiaomi Mi Drone Software

xiaomi drone review in appXiaomi has a developed an application for controlling the drone. Control over the drone gets easy with the help of this application. With the help of this software application, the user can get connect the 4k drone and get the drone to the ground for the first time ever.

The Xiaomi mi drone can be connected to the mobile device using the normal USB port. The personal hotspot of the mobile device should be on and now the phone wifi should be connected to the drone wifi. The user needs to adjust the caliber and also set the camera resolution before the first flight.

There are several tutorial tips provided by the software application for flight safety and the better understanding of the controls of the drone. This tutorial can be turned off as per the user’s convenience. The user also has control over the auto take off and landing controls through the software application.

Circle around the object to get the radius of it. It detects low battery and returns home automatically. The software helps in tracking the Xiaomi drone location and helps the drone to track the user location by using the real-time location tracking. The real-time tracking can be really useful for easy retrieval at the time of the crash or an accident.

Xiaomi Mi Drone software

The update for this software applications come regularly which helps in fixing and solving the bugs and crashes of the application. So updating the application regularly is very essential.


Xiaomi Mi Drone Setup

The Xiaomi MI Drone 4k is very simple and easy to set up. Though the parts are dissembled, it is very easy to assemble them. Install all the 4 blades, with its detachable protectors with the help of the screwdriver. Insert the power plug and the power adapter and finally install the camera at the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi Drone setup

The drone is lightweight and so can be dissembled again for easy carry to various places. The drone is much stabilized and uses all the smart features for an amazing flight experience. The drone automatically returns to the initial point if it experiences too much wind.


Xiaomi Mi Drone Flight Test

The image quality is superb and it records 720p video. The 60 frame per second makes the image crystal clear from pixel to pixel. You can change the exposure level of the video as well. The video can be recorded using the back button and can record the video using the second button present on the back side of the remote.
xiaomi mi drone flight test

The software can also help to do so, but photos cannot be clicked while taking the video. The automatic takeoff and landing button helps in easy takeoff and safe landing. The software can also show the altitude, distance and, speed of the Xiaomi mi drone which is really helpful.

If the user somehow looses the control over the Xiaomi mi drone, then by pressing the orange button, the drone will automatically reach home or to the user by itself. The movements of the drone can still be controlled while it is automatically getting back to the user. The returning position of the drone is accurate with a perfect landing. The velocity and camera resolution can be changed during the flight for better recording. The velocity of the flight can be changed up to 16 mph which is the fastest speed of the drone. The maximum altitude of the drone is 120m.

xiaomi mi drone test

The battery percentage is shown in the software and when the battery is low, the Xiao mi drone 4k automatically detects it and returns back home immediately. The phone starts vibrating and drone starts flashing light alerting the user that the battery is low. The battery alert starts when it reaches to 30%. The combination of independent heterogeneous IMU and compass sensor enhances the flight real-time monitoring.

Xiaomi mi drone review video



Xiaomi MI Drone 4k has easy and simple functions yet more useful and beneficial in different ways.

This Xiaomi MI Drone review concludes that it maintain all the standards for the flight safety enhancing its effective use. The auto taking off and landing features are impressive and convenient for the user as the toughest part while flying is landing. Moreover, the drone comes in an affordable range with a camera supporting high definition pictures and videos.

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